Real Estate Lending Investors Deserve

Local Lending

Kentucky Private Lending is a hard money lender that provides capital, technology, and support needed to achieve your real estate investing goals.

Fix-to-Flip: For investors looking to buy, rehab, and sell a property. 
Fix-to-Rent: For investors looking to buy, rehab, rent, refinance, and repeat. The BRRRR method. 
Bridge Loans: For investors who have approved financing but need to close quicker.

The KYPL Way


Our partners were born and raised in Louisville, KY. Our mission is to help our clients succeed with their real estate projects to improve our communities. We work hard to be our client’s trusted partner as they begin, continue, or grow their real estate investing business.

Personal Service

Kentucky Private Lending believes strongly in having direct access to a local professional that is available 24-7. We understand real estate investment does not simply operate on an 8:00 – 5:00 schedule and neither does our team.

Lending Made Easy

With investor friendly financing, zero income or asset requirements and our in-house approval process we strive to make the lending process simple and efficient to help our clients capitalize on their opportunities in a timely manner.

What our clients are saying...


I’ve worked in Louisville real estate for years and dealt with many investor-focused lenders. Recently, I heard good things about Kentucky Private Lending from trusted colleagues. So, I contacted KYPL about their lending terms. They quickly set up a meeting with me and my partners to discuss our investment goals. The meeting went extremely well. It’s clear that Eric and the team at KYPL are high-level operators with a deep understanding of real estate financing. They don’t just lend; they also invest in real estate, which I find important.
Since that meeting, I’ve closed three deals with KYPL: two single-family houses in Louisville and a duplex in Indiana. The process was smooth, and I’m very pleased. I look forward to more deals with them.

Alex Conway

I am so thankful to have met Eric and Kentucky Private Lending. I am a new investor, and he has really helped me get my business started. He made the process easy and smooth for me. Real estate deals come and go quickly. And, Eric and his team helped me get the property to closing within 2 weeks. I look forward to continuing to work with Eric and his team in the future.

Iris P.

I purchased my first investment property in Louisville using private funds from KY Private Lending for purchase and renovation. They made the overall process of approving the deal, closing, receiving draws, and exiting the loan a breeze. From the moment I met with Eric Payne, I knew this would be a great working relationship. He is very professional and outgoing and made sure that I was taken care of from start to finish without delay. I appreciate their services and couldn’t be happier with my results.

Chandra C.

I am incredibly grateful for Eric Payne and Kentucky Private Lending. As a Realtor, I want to provide great resources to my clients, and KYPL is at the top of the list. Their swift approval process and tailored solutions help my clients capitalize on lucrative real estate opportunities. Their transparency and support make the entire experience seamless. I highly recommend Kentucky Private Lending for anyone seeking a trustworthy and efficient lending partner in the real estate market.

Andy W.